Decor & Art

The time savings resulting from adding a CNC router also provides a distinct advantage, even if CNC is only used for initial shaping of materials or for providing unusual decorative features. 

Grafts & Gifts

Crafts people use CNC to turn out a higher quality product, to offer more products to their customers and to create unique products that competitors may not be able to produce by hand. 

Kitchen Ware

Steak boards, platter trays, etc being manufactured with CNC Routers. The CNC could just as easily add a v-carved design or border to an otherwise plain panel as well, increasing your profits with very little effort on your behalf. 

Sign Making

CNCs are used in sign making for 3D carving, V-bit carving, profile contouring, fluting and engraving – in wood, foam, plastic and aluminum. Sign makers can now take full advantage of the CNC process by cutting their own channel letter components, frames, posts and borders in-house.

Musical Instruments

Instead of physical templates, the CNC uses digital versions that you create in software and manufacturing high volume parts maximizing profits. 


Craftsmen are quickly realizing that the CNC process doesn’t jeopardize their pieces’ authenticity; it only adds to quality and uniqueness of the finished product.