CNC USB controller Mk3 (9 axis)

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CNC USB controller Mk3 (9 axis) The Complete Hardware and Software Solution! 

Please note: This is a USB and Ethernet breakout board that allows you to control stepper drivers using special (included) software and Stepper Motor Drivers will be needed to run the motors.

Product Details

  • 9 axes controller for stepper and servo motors
  • USB and Ethernet connection
  • 8 digital outputs on board
  • 3 PWM capable outputs with selectable frequency (10Hz to 500kHz)
  • 3 outputs with support for RC servo motors
  • additional outputs with add on boards (currently up to 32)
  • jogging keyboard support with speed potentiometer, shift, step and spindle sync feature
  • 8 limit switch inputs with shift feature
  • 8 digital inputs on board, filtered and protected
  • additional inputs with add on boards (currently up to 32)
  • 4 analog inputs
  • MPG pendant support
  • spindle encoder and index signal support for spindle synchronization
  • SD card support for running g-code without computer
  • control external devices with I2C and UART protocol
  • homing procedure
  • tool change procedure
  • tool length sensor support
  • sensor for capturing and measuring digitizing probe support
  • transformation matrix
  • soft limits
  • slave axes
  • backlash compensation
  • integrated web server for monitoring state and sending commands
  • API
  • 110 kHz maximum step frequency, 25 us pulse width, 50% duty cycle at higher frequencies

You can connect the CNC USB controller Mk3 to the DQ542MA Stepper Motor Driver.  Installation instructions can be found here.


How to Activate Your License

– download and install latest software

– activate software using your license – open “License activation” dialog and paste your registration key.

Software Download Support:

User Manual: 

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Additional information

Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm


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