Compact THC 150 - Torch Hight Controller for CNC Plasma Cutters

Compact THC 150

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Compact THC 150

The Compact THC 150 is of the best torch height controller electronics for plasma cutters. Connect the plasma Voltage to the controller and set the control Voltage, the controller will produce the torch up/down and on signals to control the machine s Z-axis keeping a constant torch height making a high quality cutting, saving you tips and can cut bent, uneven materials too.

A popular controller of the plasma torch’s height with a relay outputs Up / Down and ARC OK – a confirmation of the cutting arc. It is intended to cooperate with CNC control systems, which support THC signals up / down, for example MACH 3/4, thanks to the integration with a voltage divider, the connection is very simple.



If connecting directly to the “power” terminals,

you should ensure the connection as short as possible due to the formation of large disturbances.

You should also use test leads with a proper insulation – matched to the maximum voltage of the plasma cutter. Because of the very high level of interference’s and voltage “pins”, it is recommended to supply the + and – potential by means of separate wires what minimizes the risk of dielectric breakdown.

Note: New and Improved Model: Compact THC SD


Compatible with the following CNC USB Controllers:

Compatible with the Hypertherm Powermax 45XP 

Torch Height Control  Explained – Related Article by Hypertherm 

Oryx GT3 HT45 CNC Plasma Machines

Additional information

Weight .125 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 cm


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