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R8,365.00 R7,274.95


Our first multi-axis drive, the G540 is our most popular end-user focused product. Capable of driving four independent motors with its discrete internal motor controls at up to 50VDC and 3.5A per axis, it can move motors ranging from small NEMA 17s to large NEMA 34s. The motherboard has an integrated DB25 connector for connecting directly to a computer via parallel port or a third party motion controller. Motor connections are made through DB9 plugs, which are included with the drive, and current can be set differently on each axis via a current set resistor.

The G250X, the heart of the G540, features proprietary anti-resonance and motor smoothing techniques. At a native ten microstep resolution the G250X does not require extremely high input frequencies to operate at high speed but offers enough resolution to match the accuracy of most stepper motors (+/- 5% of one full step). Full step morphing at higher speeds transitions the drive to send a true square wave when the benefits of microstepping are no longer present. An adjustable low speed smoothness trimpot compensates for motor nonlinearity at the low end while midband resonance compensation ensures reliable torque output through the midband dropout region.

Four general purpose inputs on the motherboard are meant for limit switches, home switches, touch probes, torch height controllers, and other machine accessories. Two general purpose outputs that can run up to 50VDC and 1A each allow for the use of relays, coolant pumps, indicator LEDs, or other high current accessories. An integrated VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) circuit outputs a proportional 0 – 10VDC signal based off of an input voltage, typically used for controlling spindle speed.

The G540 also has a NC switch on its emergency stop pin, making sure you do not power your motors until your machine is clear. A secondary safety measure, the charge pump or watchdog timer, will not enable the drive until a 10kHz signal is present on one of its DB25 pins. Both features can be disabled by the user for non-computer-based applications.

Native Resolution 10 uStep (2000 PPR)
Power Rating 50VDC, 3.5A maximum per axis
PWM Frequency N/A
Encoder Information N/A
Motor Control Type Stepper
Metal Treatment Black Anodizing

All Geckodrive motor controls come with our industry leading three-year warranty and free US based technical support. Should a drive sustain damage in the field we offer repairs to minimize your downtime.

All Geckodrive motor controls come with our industry leading three-year warranty

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm


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